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How can anyone have any faith in a manager who "knows how to get out of the championship" yet admits he hasn't a notion what's gone wrong since Christmas? He says they have to learn from it but how do you learn if you can't see why things have gone t^ts-up?
The man's lost the plot if he ever even knew where it was:
White In Exile
Couldnt agree more Lilly. It's been obvious to many that this is the case. The string of bad results around Xmas resulted in the freefall  has had BMc doing the headless chicken ever since. Hes lucky that the Cellino farce took so long to resolve otherwise hed have been long gone. So close to season end has saved him...'till season end... Thereafter he will definitely , 100%, without doubt....still be at ER![rolleyes]
Nothing at stake for the club or him and yet his tactics on the field still defy belief and as the old Yorkshire saying goes...Bri you've made a fool of yourself and so you are fired. 
I believe that our lovely new majority owner has already got his man for next season and know who he wants to bring in player wise. Think BM will be out as soon as the season ends. Also believe that the scout that was suppose to come in earlier this year is already working with MC about getting rid of the trash that currently loads our squad.
Ridsdales Goldfish
The fact that MC has nt been in touch since the Forest sh.ite speaks volumes to me.

I read that BMc was still waiting patiently to speak to MC with his Summer targets list in hand [rofl] but was yet to hear from the big noise.

Dont think Cellino is ready to waste time hearing who BMc wants.

Save it for when your managing a small club like Norwich next season old fruit.
White In Exile
Norrich $hitty wont touch him now. A lesser club champs/L1 maybe. His stock has fallen under his Leeds tenure.
Still a "nice" bloke tho.
Good assessment Lilly. He says, he can't put his fingers on it? That speaks volumes, fact remains that there was no improvement whatsoever, things got even worse. No system/set-up, tactics, working on lines, movement, marking, subs... no evidence of anyone learning anything.
I learned we've got an average to poor set of players (some obvious exceptions)  and a manager to go with it.
Nice and decent bloke? Sure. A decent manager? Nah.
what does ' know how to get out of this division' even mean?? Total rubbish.

If he means play better, scrape results when not playing well, average 2 points a game, make home a fortress, keep an eye on goal difference etc etc then thats hardly going to give the likes of Brendan Rodgers a run for his money

The fact is he did it once with a relatively strong squad and a complete stroke of good fortune when he managed to coax an indian summer out of Jason Roberts... Knowing how to do something and actually being able to do it are 2 entireley different things. I know how to manage the UK economy but I'm pretty sure that given the position I'd be about as effective as any Labour Chancellor within the last 40 years...

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I know how to manage the UK economy but I'm pretty sure that given the position I'd be about as effective as any Labour Chancellor within the last 40 years...

genius! 'uk' could be replaced by the name of any country except germany, and 'labour' could be replaced by 'socialist' and you've got yourself an undeniable truth.

Disclaimer: unless stated otherwise, it's meant in jest 
Strange formations,strange tactics, players out of position and a set of players,with one or two exceptions,don't look like they want to play for the team / manager.

The're the main reasons Brian.

We can see it.

Why can't you?
It's not if but when [thumb]
Tomorrow's team


Pierce Tonge Brown Smith

Diouf Lees Kenny Hunt

Pugh Zalukas

McDermott has been an appalling manager for us! He has given us no positives on the pitch whatsoever. 21 defeats in the league, so far, is a disgraceful tally. Without Ross's 29 goals we'd most certainly be relegated and probably propping up the whole table.
As Cromwell put it. 'Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!' 
In attack we all to often become 3-0-2 with the midfield being completely bypassed and in defence we become 5-4-1 with RM constantly dropping back.

Most of the players don't look particularly fit either which is quite worrying.
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I have lost all faith in the man. I honestly believe anyone on this forum could do a better job. It is so unfortunate things turned out this way, he seems a very decent person who genuinely cares about the club and its traditions. 

This season has been nothing short of embarrassing. It's unfair to put the blame entirely at bmac's feet, but Byram and Diouf were two of the standout players last season and they've been borderline invisible this year. Both suffered from injuries and Diouf attended more funerals than a head of state, but I still feel like a stronger manager could have inspired them to have more productive seasons.

Some of the signings have been abysmal and I would much rather see someone else have access to MC's euros. However, if for whatever reason bmac is here next season, he and the team will have my full support. I just want to look forward to a season of football. I'm so sick of the bulls**t! I'm sick of takeovers. I'm sick of reading about debts and loans. I'm sick of Bahrain and it's pathetic little bankers. 

Supporters don't deserve that. One of the reasons I follow leeds is to escape the bureaucracy and politics of work, yet I have spent countless hours this year reading rumours about debts, lawsuits, corporate takeovers, investors and a whole host of other uninteresting nonsense. I think I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Let's just be united and enjoy the excitement next season might bring. 

Sorry for the rant that clearly got off topic. It's late here and I've tipped more than a few. Leeds Leeds Leeds!

McD, at it again, selecting for the future; Pugh, Brown, Tonge, Lees, Wootton, Austin, we already know what to expect for next season.
Good thing its only Brum we're up against.
What did we learn today?

Danny Pugh can cross the ball and score.

Matt Smith can score more goals and create more assists than Noel Hunt.

Imagine that. Who would have known.