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Looking at our squad and the fact we need that second experienced DCM. Would anyone else here like to see us sign Ki who just became a free agent? I love to see Phillips, Klich and Ki together in the middle of the park.

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On the subs bench
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31 year old with 3 games under his belt this season......

How many games will he get if he comes to Leeds? We all know the answer even if he was sh*t hot from the outset.
Our issues are not in that area of the field anyway

He might be a good signing for another Champ club though, you have to think he has an offer hence the release.

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Unofficial Shortarse
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By the time he gets fit and can play bielsa ball we will be in the premiership So it’s a no from me

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Orta won’t sign a player with no resale value. It’s a non starter.
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