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Unofficial Shortarse
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St Edmunds day the true patron saint of the English

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On the subs bench
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Sorry Steve, I tend to disagree.

Nothing is known of his life or reign. the devastation in East Anglia that was caused by the Vikings destroyed any books or charters that may have referred to Edmund. He was really just only the King of East Anglia from the age of about 14 until his death at about 29!

Not sure that St George should be the Patron Saint either. He was Greek, "slayed the dragon in Libya" and I cannot find any links to him and England. Saint George is also described as a prophetic figure in Islamic sources. George is venerated by some Christians and Muslims because of his composite personality combining several Biblical, Quranic and other ancient mythical heroes. He may well have existed but the stories around him were probably fictitious and used by many to promote their different faiths.  

I am Roman Catholic but can see no reason for him to be venerated a Saint, at least Edmund lost his life through refusing to denounce his Christian beliefs.

There are probably many other people more worthy of being the Patron Saint of England.

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