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I think we all knew our best chance of promotion was the proposed points-per-game solution, didn't we? Bamford clearly hasn't spent the last few weeks practising not being a complete and utter waste of space, and Bielsa clearly hasn't considered the possibility of not being a bone-brained, wrong-headed, misguided, bumbling halfwit. The idea of either of them straying anywhere near the PL is laughable. Fulham will have more than us and the rest will fancy their chances of turning us over. Or I'm not the Archbishop of York. 
There’s only one halfwit I can think of mate and it isn’t Bielsa. Give it a rest. 
Bull Thick With Drink
"misguided, bumbling halfwit"

What are you taking lad?

Whatever it is come off it cause if you cant see what Bielsa has done with this squad / club in the space of 2 years then id loved to know who (insert name) would have done better?

MB is openly lauded by pocch and pep to name just two PL managers and they admit Marcelo have greatly influenced their style of coaching / playing.

just think back to where we were in 2018 with effectively the same squad of players, some of us, myself included, were seriously worried about how that season would go avoid relegation, hold onto whatever decent player we had... that's how bad we were imo, and that's how close we were possibly going into the third tier once again.

Seriously those terms you use are so far off the mark you should apologies.

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nothing like rubbing it in.
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