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Anyone else loving Man UTD right now?

I am, love seeing them floundering in the league. Love the fact they have signed a mercenary on the last day of the window from China. I love that they tried to hijack big Kev but he told them to lick it. I also love that they have overpaid players that don’t want to play for them.

All we need now is to get promotion so we can put the boot in and love them a little bit more.


Seasoned Pro
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My boss, his son and their business partner are all Man Utd fans (season ticket holders for 25 years, 20 years and 15 years respectively), we talk about how good Leeds football is, they just want to close their club down, it’s HILARIOUS 🤣

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On the subs bench
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True success won't be measured by taking heart from Manure's troubles.

True success will be when what happens to them is of no consequence to us any more because we're stronger and better than they can ever be.

Do we need to be able to dodge bullets? No. When we're ready we won't have to. [cool]

Everybody has a story to tell.     That's why I hide at home [facepalm-smiley-emoticon]

On the subs bench
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Wednesday night's Youth Cup Tie at OT will be interesting. Leeds taking plenty as sold all of their allocation.
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