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Hi, is anyone able to please provide some information on the Lowfields Road stand. I have some questions that perhaps someone with experience could possibly answer. It would be appreciated.

Firstly, what was the atmosphere like when that stand was there?

Did it differ much in vibe when the new east stand was built in 93.

Were fans sad to see that stand demolished, or was it more a case of people being behind the stadium being modernised?

Over time the east stand gives the ground an iconic look, and its personally all I have ever known due to my age.

Any further information on this topic would be appreciated

Hi, is someone able to reply to this thread please if anyone can give me some information please it will be appreciated Thanks, Richard

I can give you a bit of personal feedback.

Prior to the East Stand going up the Lowfields used to be split between an old covered seating area along the top centre and standing terracing in front. The old stand had been there ever since I first started going in the mid sixties (and it looked pretty old then!), so it had definitely aged a bit by 1993! By then also it was the only part of the ground that hadn't been 'improved' so I think it was definitely time to upgrade. 

The atmosphere in the Lowfields was pretty variable because seating was not considered attractive (or affordable!) for the younger supporters and hence most of the 'atmosphere' was generated from the ends of the ground, the Kop and 'Scratching Shed' (prior to the South Stand going up). I've particular fond memories of the the 'shed' as a teenager - so close to the goal - and it was always packed. The viewing was rubbish because the terracing was pretty shallow but the atmosphere was electric! Most people seemed to move over to the new 'Kop' when that got redeveloped though.

The standing in front of the Lowfields generally gave you a better view of the game as a whole, but was a lot less noisy than the two ends. There were exceptions though and I well remember a character we called 'Voice of the Lowfields' whose decibel levels staggered the imagination. The players definitely heard him as well and one or two gave him angry looks when he took to berating them for cock-ups! And there was plenty of atmosphere in the standing section that I was in around the time we finally got promoted out of the old div 2!

I had a Standing Season ticket in the Lowfields when they built the new stand and we got a special 'deal' to take up a Seating Season Ticket the following year. Unfortuanately that turned out to be in the wings of the upper tier (largely because the club reserved most of the central section for families which was fair enough I suppose, but no good for me and my mates.) I've got to say that I've got mixed feelings about the Upper Tier. You do get a great birds-eye view of the action, but you're so far away that you lose the atmosphere - it seems like watching on TV at times. Maybe it was also down to being seated as well. After standing in the 'crowd' for so long, the regular seating seemed pretty tame. So, for a combination of reasons we gave up our season tickets after a year or so and only went to games more occasionally. Shame really - but in the modern era Health & Safety Rules OK!

I think that the ground has always looked a bit like work-in-progress since the East Stand went up. They really need to put another 'layer on the West Stand now to make the whole site look more balanced - and if we really do go up this year (and about time too!), there'll be no problem filling an extra 10-15k seats!!

Hi Revo,

Thank you for taking the time to get back to me, that information is much appreciated
Had a season ticket in Lowfields standing next to the Kop. Loved it. Mental in there when we scored and easier than the Kop to get in and out. You could arrive late and still get a good place.

Before that I had a game or two in the seats. Pretty good too but not the fun factor of the terrace. All in all my favourite time at Elland Road ( 88-92 )
In late 70s the away fans were housed in the bottom left corner looking at the pitch and you were next to them but there was a fence between, when the away fans were in what is now the SS we used to stand in the corner and converse with them🤬think they nick named it the Mad Corner? one game against spurs one of them chucked an egg which smashed on my shoulder made a right mess, of course I could have dreamt all this as it was sometime ago🤪