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Hello all posters - new and old.

I still read and lurk often but just don't get the time to post - although I am hoping that will change.

For those that don't know the history of the site, we were created on the Sportnetwork over ten years ago and built up a good following.  Sadly the old site got spammed to a point where it became unusable and the Sportnetwork didn't address the problem - so we took the decision to try to create our own site.

This is a result - we are not professional web developers or a commercial enterprise - we are just a couple of Leeds fans who created the site for people to hang out, chat and discuss everything LUFC.

I pay for the site out of my own pocket - it costs around £400 per year to host the site and message board and we've put Google Ads on to help pay.  There is a shortfall - GoogleAds will pay anything from £10-£25 a month so I cover the shortfall and tell my better half that it is just about wiping its nose [crazy]

Unfortunately this damn virus has all but knocked Google Ads off.  The lack of games (games = site traffic) and the general downturn in the economy means that last month I earned £1.45 from Google Ads - so far this month, I'm on something like 46p!  I am having to renew the site address later this month as well for another two years.

I know that there is a lot of suffering around at the moment - and let's face it, this little site is not important in the grand scheme of things but the site has never been run for profit (I'd be the worst businessman in the world if it was!) but it is struggling at the moment.

The site has a number of Donate buttons doted around that allows you to make a contribution towards the site costs.  If you can afford to support us, it would be appreciated and will secure our future - anything would be appreciated.

Thanks for listening and I hope you all stay safe and well in the current circumstances