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icelandic white
Danish Leeds Fan
Good one, Iceman!
Proper way to celebrate. Two quite convenient results, one should say! It actually feels really good to know that we are not only going up, but we’re going up as the champions!!!!
Congrats to our team, Marcelo and his staff, and all fans who supported them through thick and thin. It's been a long and very eventful journey since our fall.
Our owner needs also to be congratulated. He made many mistakes along the way, but thanks to the inspired appointment of M B, he got us over the line.
Now the club needs serious investment to avoid being a yo yo club. It would be pushing it to expect Marcelo to get success in the PL without that investment so it's over to you Mr Radrizanni!
Enter stage right!
Its a truly deserved achievement.

Eaisly the best team, we will be top six next year!

Only one question remains:
Blue or Gold?

We are leeds!